Sanjiv Arogya Setu and Medical Support Programme

The hind side of medical advancements is treatments are becoming unaffordable for the poor. While minor medical conditions need time and money, they do not alarm us as a severe diagnosis or condition does. Along with the never-ending visits to hospitals, it is the financial implications that we dread the most. The entire treatment duration proves tiring for the patients and caregivers at the same time. 

The poor and marginalised families VSSM works with having nowhere to go, seek organisation’s assistance when a medical emergency arises. Whilst we guide them to reach the nearest government hospital, they refuse to receive treatment from public hospitals. Recounting unpleasant incidents their family members or acquaintances might have experienced when treated at public hospitals, they insist on being treated at a private hospital. After exhausting their resources, if the patient’s condition does not improve, the doctors at the private hospital ask to take the patient to other hospitals; with no choice left, the patients are taken to Civil hospital. The condition would have deteriorated so much that the ill lose their battle by then. However, if the patient arrives at a general hospital like Ahmedabad Civil on time, the treatments could be economical and efficient.

The Sanjivani Arogya Setu and Support Program allows us “to stand beside individuals suffering from severe medical conditions, bring them to a good public hospital, get proper screening and diagnosis done, guide them through the process and get them treated well. This support also gives them the warmth they need to tackle the illness. 

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